Fates Warning - Perfect Symmetry

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Limited blue and violet colored vinyl LP pressing. Having been in the business for over 30 years, Fates Warning has earned their reputation as one of the true pioneers of progressive metal. Formed in Connecticut back in 1983, they started out as a traditional heavy metal band with the release of their debut Night On Br_cken. It was follow-up The Spectre Within, however that guitarist Jim Matheos and Co. Moved towards more complex arrangements. By 1986, the band had truly become a progressive metal institution with Awaken The Guardian. It was at this stage that they began to influence other fledgling acts such as Queensryche and Dream Theater and the rest is history. Metal Blade is pleased to reissue two of Fates Warning's fan-favorite mid-career records, Perfect Symmetry (1989) and Parallels (1991), as part of the label's "Originals series".