Fall Silent - Cart Return

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Reno hardcore legends Fall Silent return from the dead with all the speed and brutality they possessed when they started playing over 20 years ago. Fans of hardcore punk, shredding guitar riffs, Reno history, and black hoodies won't want to miss this. Founding members Danny Galecki, Damon Watson, and Levi Watson join new bass player, Joe Foley, to bring you more aggressive 'fastcore' that you have come to expect from this outfit. From 1994-2002 they released three full-lengths; No Strength To Suffer (1996), Superstructure (1999), and Drunken Violence (2002), three EPs; Never Forget... (1995), ineteenhundredninetyseven (1997), Life: Beautiful, But Heartless (2000), a split with WELLINGTON (1995) and Six Years In The Desert (2001), which was a re-mastered collection of No Strength to Suffer, Nineteenhundredninetyseven and Life: Beautiful, But Heartless all on one CD. Their not so-subtle-brand of metal tinged hardcore is what put them on the aggressive music map. Fall Silent effectively captured the sound of the '80s fast punk and hardcore of their skater skeeno youth and blended it with the blazing riffage of early-'90s death metal. It's no wonder that their live shows brought together fans of hardcore, punk, and metal, chanting the lyrics to their favorite tracks. Their 2016 EP Cart Return brings Fall Silent full circle. These four tracks continue where the band last left us-with lyrical content that rakes today's world over the coals in the way only Fall Silent can do.