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'My mom hates our band's name,' explains guitarist Dean Rudd of The Failure. It seems only fair for a rock band to face that kind of resistance, especially when The Failure's beginnings have been so successful. Somebody's got to keep these boys in line. Led by water-tight beats and plowing melodic bass, an assault of dynamic guitars, and chameleonic vocals, The Failure's sound is one part rock, one part pop, one part punk, and one part grade six science experiment. One might liken the group to a progressive punk act influenced by Queen. Emblazoned with the 'circle E' tattoos that symbolize their decade-long commitment to local punk legend The Everymen, drummer Casey Lewis and bassist Colin Hess assembled in the common area of Echo Base studios, waiting. A few short months after disbanding their beloved project, the duo had called a meeting with another musical partnership: artistic prodigy Tyler Pickering and aspiring musical kingpin Dean Rudd of the punk rock trio, Guilt Trip. The topic of that November night's discussion was the formation of new rock band, and the unrelenting pursuit of musical significance. The quartet agreed by the end of the night to amalgamate their talents and by next week's meeting, Casey decided that the band would begin to record an album in January. Armed with songs written during their respective bands' downtimes, the group settled into the studio with Casey at the controls. Still high from crashing a Boxing Day gig at the local all-ages hall for a four-song set and being received by 600 skyward arms crowned by devil fingers, Colin, Casey, Tyler, and Dean returned to rock and roll with a vengeance. Sticking to their declaration not to venture back onto the stage without an album, The Failure opted to set an official unveiling for March 29, 2002. After a few short weeks the album was tracked, mixed and mastered, Tyler had finished the group's first photo session, and the album was off to be manufactured. A last minute batch of tee shirts was printed up as the CDs arrived and March 29 greeted The Failure with open arms. 300 people packed the all-ages Multi Cultural Centre in Calgary and lined up to buy the freshly pressed self-titled album. A year later, after hitting the number two position on the local radio's top twenty, opening for Grade and No Means No, The Failure led the bill on a benefit gig to raise awareness about differential tuition at the U of C's MacEwan Hall. Over 600 paying audience members attended. The buzz still drones steadily regarding The Failure on the local music forum, and the national press is beginning to catch wind of this unique rock band. After finishing their new album and a double video shoot in June, The Failure was asked to play at The Vans Warped Tour, and gladly accepted. The new album entitled '...of reason' will be released in September just in time for you to catch The Failure on tour across Canada. Considering the explosive nature of this band's work within the last two years, one might do well to keep their ears and eyes open for The Failure's next resolve. ###.