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From the DARK side of your persona... from the very depths of your abyss... from the most shadowed part of your mind... arises 'A Doom'.... 'A Doom' : The band that celebrates DARKNESS that surrounds us, with the GOTHIC sonic of our era... The brainchild of the sinister minded musician Pain (Bone Guitars/Mumble) with 3 hordes lurking in Korea : The Land of the MOURNING calm... A Doom starts it's bold quest in search of the ultimate DARKNESS...... Be prepared.... for 'A Doom' is coming... And remember, 'A Doom' means 'DARKNESS' in Korean... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * This CD is LIMITED EDTION (666 copies only) with the following special features : - The cover of the booklet is a specially printed gimmick cover which will only be featured on the limited edition - Each CD is hand-numbered by band leader Pain in the back sleeve and the inner booklet - Each CD has a multi-piece sticker with various band logos and images. We added another promo sticker for sales on CDbaby - Each CD has a 'surprise' bonus gift inserted. One will never know unless the CD is opened. ( * To whomever buys, PLEASE do not mention it on reviews, Let the fan have their share of surprise. DON'T BE A SPOILER !!!!) .