Deny The Cross - Alpha Ghoul

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Power violence collaboration, Deny The Cross, which joins current and past members of Spazz, Black Army Jacket, Agents Of Satan, Municipal Waste, and Discordance Axis, release their vicious eighteen-track debut, Alpha Ghoul, via Tankcrimes Records. Paying it's respects to the likes of Assªck, Napalm Death, Raw Deal, Crossed Out and Gauze, Deny The Cross' Alpha Ghoul is appropriately short, fast and loud. Guitar, bass, and vocal tracks were captured by Greg Wilkinson (Pallbearer, Vastum) at Earhammer Studios in California with drums recorded by Chris Pierce (Rorschach, Night Birds) at his studio in New Jersey. "The inspiration behind getting this band going was simple," relays vocalist Carlos Ramirez. "We wanted to write songs that sounded like early to mid-'90s power violence and grind, mixed with some NYHC and crossover influence. Since we've all known each other for decades now, we knew we could all get on the same page in terms of the writing of this record. The concept of the 'Alpha Ghoul' is someone who sucks out the energy of everything, and everyone, around them, and never giving anything back in return. We all know a few of these types of human leeches. Scotty Heath has built such an inspiring label with Tankcrimes, and being part of that history is truly an honor."