Cynic - Focus

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Roadrunner Records is continuing it's' quest to revive catalog sales & save the music industry. With the recent success of it's' 2 FROM THE VAULT & BEST OF series, the label famed for housing some of the most influential metal bands of the past 20 years is releasing the classic Cynic album, FOCUS - REMASTERED. This new version of the record includes never-before-heard bonus tracks, expanded artwork & new liner notes. Another product of the prolific Florida death metal scene, Cynic distinguished themselves for their unique experiments in combining technically proficient death metal with progressive rock touches, bordering at times on jazz fusion. Their 1993 classic, FOCUS, was hailed as a groundbreaking release in the field of progressive thrash. Besides the band's unquestionable technical prowess, the album also displayed their awesome talent for improvisation & inventive songwriting. Originally released in 1993, the album has been out of print since 1999. After disbanding in 1994, members of the band have since gone on to join bands such as Gordian Knot, O.S.I & Death, but their true masterpiece remains, FOCUS.