Crisis - Regeneration

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The EP features four brand new songs together with re recordings of two old favourites. Complimenting Russ's powerful vocals on Let Her Go is Trudi Stock which creates an extra dynamic to our sound. Formed in 1980, the original Crisis line up was Geoff (drums), Mike (guitar), Chris Stock (bass and vocals) and Al Irving (guitar). The first public gig was at Ilfords Social Club in Mobberley Cheshire in March 1982. Even at this stage the band were dedicated to writing and playing their own songs. Russ joined in September 1983 at the tender age of 17 and Al left soon after. Early gigs were played around Macclesfield and included a residence at the Park Tavern, in the days when Russ could get away with wearing makeup. It must have been a scary sight seeing him bounding up and down the pub in full face paint. First recordings were at Moonraker Studios in Manchester (founded by folk legend Mike Harding). Featuring Suicide, Eyes In The Night and Silent Roar it was released in 1984. The second recording, at Cavalier Studio in Stockport captured Battlefield, Chaser and Hungry Oceans was released in 1985. October 1986 saw Crisis being invited to record In Session for Radio One's Friday Rock show, hosted by Tommy Vance. Produced by Tony Wilson and recorded at the BBC Maida Vale studio, Battlefield, Suicide, Casablanca, and Spirits Of The Night were featured, and the session aired in November 86 and again in Jan 87. Tommy was quoted as saying "they are such a superior act" and pointed out that Crisis had "not a lot of management, but someone I trust will pick them up soon, because they deserve it". Later in 1987 they recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport (famously owned and used at one time by 10CC) for the Chris Tetley Rock Show on Manchester Piccadilly Radio. The session featured the tracks: Suicide, Spirits Of the Night, The Silent Roar and Warriors Of Arthur. Chris also interviewed the band for this session. Many memorable gigs over the years included: Macclesfield Leisure Centre, Wilmslow Leisure Centre, GPO Club Blackpool, York Lynx Club, Runcorn Cherry Tree, Oakengates Town Hall, Cardiff Bogies, Nottingham Palais, Clun Hells Angels club (all hell really did break loose that night), Toads in Bradford and the infamous Telford Ironmaster when an EMI scout had come to see us, and Russ' unfortunate and lewd behaviour during the gig saw her make a swift exit. Russ briefly left the band in 1988 to tour with SideFX and was replaced by Chris Murray, but soon returned. The last gig by the original band was at the Swinging Sporran in Manchester in Jan 1990. Feb 2010 saw Crisis playing together once again at High Lane Cruising Club in Stockport for the first time in 20 years. The enthusiastic response from the audience vindicated the hard work the band had put in over the previous months and encouraged them to try and carry on and plan for more gigs, however Chris's heart was not really in it and all went quiet again. At the end of 2012, the band decided to press on without Chris, with Russ taking over the role of bass and vocals. A couple of rehearsals emphatically confirmed that not only would this new three piece line up work, but the sound was bigger and better than it ever was before. So now, with new material, mixed with the best of the older songs, Russ, Geoff and Mike are enjoying re-establishing the live reputation that Crisis once had, with a view to making up for the 20 lost and wasted years. What might have been...........what still might be?