Crimson Glory - Transcendence

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Digitally remastered edition. Crimson Glory's second studio album Transcendence was originally released in 1988. The band could have easily taken the '80s hair metal path that was all the rage during that time, but instead opted to make the wise choice and sign themselves to lesser known labels, thus enabling them to have more control over their music production and develop as music artists. Crimson Glory started strong with their debut album (released in 1987), but unfortunately the band didn't have nearly as long of a career as their peers, and they broke up after their third album. But in between the debut and their breakup album, Crimson Glory managed to release this overlooked '80s Prog Metal masterpiece. Though they never achieved the popularity that Queensryche had received, they did acquire a massive cult following with Transcendence. In fact, barnstormers like "Lady of Winter" and "Red Sharks" are almost ordinary in their no-frills head-banging intensity, and even the band's more "progressive" material, such as the ambitious "Burning Bridges" and the very eclectic "Eternal World," don't venture out that far. Instead Crimson Glory show commendable restraint in their songwriting, and it is singer Midnight who ends up drawing the most unwanted attention due to his painfully strident delivery. The band proves their worth with this excellent release.