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Copper Chief is a central Texas band with deep roots comprised of four country boys that just love to rock n' roll. Their music can be described as a breath of fresh air while puffing your favorite smoke. They may have been too busy playing with fire to have ever even picked up a genre rulebook, but the band draws from every corner of the musical canon while touching on several southern sounds that come together to birth a sonic experience hard to pin down. Copper Chief reunited with friends Ben Hussey and Josh Serrato to produce their debut, self-titled album at Boyd Street Studios (now Melody Mountain Studios). In the studio, the songs took on a life of their own through collaboration and flare from each member. The journey turned into a rollercoaster of songs for the listener. From songs like "Jericho," written about growing up and realizing the need to open oneself to real love, to wild stories of voodoo and a romp through New Orleans like "Faster Than The Flame," all the way down to "Muddy Water," that will have you feeling high on top of the world. The first album says "Hello, we are Copper Chief. Now watch this!"