Coffinworm - Iv.I.Viii

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2014 release from the notorious Indianapolis-based Blackened Doom Metal band. Coffinworm first attained notoriety with their 2009 GREAT BRINGER OF NIGHT demo. The group unleashed their debut LP, WHEN ALL BECOME NONE, the next year, making an even bigger impression in Doom/Sludge Metal circles and following it with a series of devastating live shows that included appearances at SXSW and the Power of the Riff. Four years after the release of their first album, Coffinworm returns with a follow-up that levels it's predecessor. Far more complex and lacerating than anything the band has attempted thus far, IV. I. VIII offers six tracks of pure, blackened, unholy Doom Metal terror that will serve as the soundtrack to the inevitable dark era soon to befall this feeble mortal coil.