Coalesce - 012:2

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Coalesce destroyed the mold of formulaic metallic-hardcore in the mid 90s. Their existence was controversial and polarizing and their musical legacy changed the genre forever. On their landmark record (and swan-song at the time), 1998's 0:12 REVOLUTION IN JUST LISTENING, the band channeled the turbulence of their break up into their most urgent, honest and desperate songs to date. Their unbelievably dense, off-kilter compositions showed a more pronounced rock edge and the band turned in the studio performance of their short lifetime. Fast-forward to 2008; on the eve of the second coming of COALESCE 0:12 has been repackaged and remastered for the next generation of heavy music connoisseurs. In the canon of heavy music, certainly in the world of modern hardcore, there are few records as crucial as 0:12.