Churchburn - None Shall Live...The Hymns Of Misery

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With a name like Churchburn, you know this ain't supposed to be no Sunday school music. And, they'd better put up or shut up. Well, there's no shutting up here, on this, their second full-length, as this blasphemous band churn forth deathly, blackened hellfire that will leave no church unburnt. Two veterans of the underground death/doom scene, guitarist/vocalist Dave Suzuki formerly of Vital Remains and drummer Ray McCaffrey formerly of Grief are at the helm here. In conspiracy with members of Howl and Black Acid Prophecy, they demonstrate a deadly knowledge of just what precise combustible combination of sludgy riffs, blasting drums, and irreligious, sinister atmosphere it takes to cause a conflagration in the house of the Lord. Gatefold, colored vinyl. - Havelock Horrox