Chuck Prophet - The Land That Time Forgot Bundle

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Special bundle offered by Gimme Country for our one and only Gimme Country DJ, Chuck Prophet.  Help celebrate his newest release by purchasing this unique bundle consisting of his latest record, The Land That Time Forgot, and a vintage T from Chuck's Dreaming Waylon's Dreams 2008 release.

Label: Yep Roc

Release Date: 08.21.20

THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT got off the ground in the Money Belt, only to find its legs in the Borscht Belt. Musically it has deep roots, from the Southern Delta to the discos of Munich. There’s a kind of folkish inevitability to it, lots of acoustic instruments, on top of the each other and side by side. But as much as folk music is the soil all music grows from, it never hurts to have a boiler room. So, there’s always a rhythm section shuffling under your feet here. 

Written mostly with longtime co-conspirator klipschutz, this LP steps out of Chuck Prophet’s comfort zone (“two guitars, bass, and drums”). After nailing three tracks in S.F. with Grammy-winning alchemist Matt Winegar, Prophet confesses, “We hit a wall. Schedules. Money. Towed vehicles: a thousand large to get one van out of lockup.