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CATARACTS constand formative progression caught the attention of Metal Blade Records and ultimately had the band signing to the label in 2004. This allowed the band to take larger steps, and the first one had them entering the Antfarm Studios of the up and coming producer Tue Madsen. They left with a pounding album, whose power laden production gave the band their own distinctive style and added the aggression and ferocity they were always looking for. WITH TRIUMPH COMES LOSS was released in September 2004 and received rave reviews all over the world and had the band playing the traditional No Mercy Tour in Spring 2005, followed by a multitude of festivals and weekend trips to promote their latest release. The first weeks of 2007 brought some big chances for Cataract. Cataract decided to go on hibernation until the end of March to sort out the band business and force the search for a new guitarist. It wasn't for long that Tom Kuzmic from Swiss Death metallers Disparaged was found as a perfect replacement, adding a lot of new spice to Cataract's sound and completing the line up after a few weeks.