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Former Black Country Communion stars, singer-bassist Glenn Hughes and drummer Jason Bonham, have formed a new band, California Breed featuring the astounding talents of 23-year-old singer/guitarist Andrew Watt. Glenn and Jason's resumes combined with the fact that their first album has been produced by Dave Cobb, whose spectacular work with Rival Sons has received so much acclaim, gives you a big clue as to what they sound like. Indeed, all 12 tracks on the self-titled forthcoming California Breed album have equal co-writing credits amongst the members. Recorded at Cobb's Nashville studio, 'Everything was done more or less live,' says Hughes. The end result is a sound that combines all the classic rock elements of BCC - big, meat-cleaver riffs and heart-rending vocals - but with a 21st century gloss that comes from working with someone as up-to-the-minute and talented as Watt.