Buffalo - Dead Forever

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Dead forever., the legendary 1972 debut by Buffalo was the first to be released outside the UK on the prestigious Vertigo label. It remains one of the first. Truly sinister albums from an Aussie band of the day. Highlights of this collection of heavy psychedelic blues included covers of Free's 'I'm a Mover' and the Blues Images' 'Pay My Dues' plus the band-penned tracks 'Leader', 'Suzie Sunshine', 'Bean Stew' and the melancholy, atmospheric ballad 'Forest Rain'. The album's centrepiece is the awe-inspiring title track; 'Dead Forever' - it's dense, heavy riffing, multi-tracked solos, throbbing basslines, rasping vocals and a weird echoed sound to the drums created the 'definitive' Buffalo sound that would be fully unleashed on their ubsequent classics Volcanic Rock and Only Want You for Your Body. The line-up for this album was: Dave Tice (vocals - later vocalist for UK R&B band the Count Bishops), Alan Milano (vocals), Paul Babli (drums), Peter Wells (bass - later guitarist for Rose Tattoo) and John Baxter (guitar). The 3rd. Release in Aztec Music's reissue of all 5 Buffalo titles, dead forever. Features 5 bonus tracks (2 by pre Buffalo band Head), new digital remaster, 24 page booklet with rare photos and liner notes by Ian McFarlane - packaged in a 6 panel digi-pak.