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Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. Bliss Signal, formed within the last year by James Kelly (Wife, Altar Of Plagues) and respected UK DJ/producer Mumdance, is an electronic metal band in which Kelly returns to making harsh and heavy music with a guitar for the first time since the last and final groundbreaking Altar Of Plagues album Teethed Glory & Injury. While not a direct continuation from that, the music enveloping this debut captures the vibe and essence of the more ambient and experimental moments found in Altar Of Plagues, most notably on that final album. Bliss Signal is also a different a new musical expression coming from Kelly's musical repertoire. The addition of Mumdance brings in a heavy electronic element through modular noise, heavy beats, and vast synth soundscapes. This album is awash with a massive wall of unrelenting sound, intense atmosphere, and shimmering, enveloping ambience.