Blind Idiot God - Before Ever After

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Bass Blind Idiot God - Before Ever After - CD - Before Ever After, co-produced by Bill Laswell and band guitarist Andy Hawkins is Blind Idiot God's fourth record. For 32 years the band has been creating timeless, boundary-defying instrumental music, and now BIG is back. Blind Idiot God have a long history as forbearers of modern varieties of tech/prog music. The band explores, innovates, and defies convention and expectations. They create music for it's own sake, and have never wavered from their original groundbreaking approach. NME wrote "They're post-everything in the best sense of the term..." In 1986 the band moved to New York City and recorded their self-titled debut with producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, John Zorn). The album was released by SST Records in 1987. In 2012, bassist Gabe Katz departed BIG and was replaced by talented New York veteran Will Dahl, whose resume includes everything from electric jazz improv to recording/touring with NYC metal core act Harley's War. While the format of three stylistically different approaches remains in place, the lines are further blurred, and the music has a new urgency as the band explores a more improvisational approach to the compositional ideas.