Blasphlegmy Presents Songs From The Sewer: Vol. 1

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Blasphlegmy Presents: Songs From The Sewer, Vol. 1 is a great compilation of what's going on in the underground scene in Brooklyn right now. There's first wave of black metal worship from Knight Terror, sleazy filth from Syphilitic Lust, crossover skate thrash from Slashers, NWOBHM styles from Natur, demented blackened doom from Kosmodemonic (featuring Gimme Radio DJs Bozz and DeanRispler!), beautiful epic black metal from Anicon (featuring Gimme Radio DJ Owen Rundquist!), blazing grind/death from Skullshitter, weirdo metallic punk from Siblings, and raging female-fronted crust punk from Subversive Rite. And that's not all! There are two killer rock-n-roll tracks from Hector's Pets and Bob Mann's Rolling Thunder.

The best part is that this is Volume 1! Can't wait to see what comes next!