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Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. The notion of heavy music is continuing to expand of late, with many intrepid artists finding new ways to incorporate the power of traditional metal into new music, but without all of it's trappings. Enter Portland, OR quartet Blackwater Holylight to further swirl musical elements into a captivating hybrid of emotional intensity. Heavy psych-riffs, gothic drama, folk-rock vibes, garage-sludge and soaring melodies all collide into a satisfying whole with as much contrast as the band's name itself. Throughout this self-titled debut, the band's songs shirk traditional verse-chorus-verse structure in favor of fluid, serpentine compositions that move with commanding grace. The band expertly, yet subconsciously, incorporates hints of Chelsea Wolfe, Celebration, Captain Beefheart, The Raincoats, The Stooges, Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction and more to form their unique brand of dark 'n' heavy transcendence.