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Bernadette's influences are Sister Francis Borgia, Barbara Streisand, Country and Rock music,The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Rondstadt and Sean Colvin. One of nine siblings, Bernadette grew up in Steubenville, Ohio. Bernadette's love for music began at an early age. She recalls a performance in front of her first grade class - the anticipation, the excitement and the pleasure - and how i punctuated an awareness of her love for music. Motivated by her newfound desire and with the encouragement of others, she began to develop her gift. As Bernadette continued her education, opportunities in school plays and school choir provided a means to practice, sing and perform live. While taking voice lessons, it was discovered that bernadette had a natural ear for harmony and demonstrated exceptional ability to interpret and deliver complex vocal parts. Later, she began to write songs and poetry and started to perform with musician friends. After high school, bernadette performed in Steubenville, Pittsburgh and surrounding small towns with bands, typically trios that were known for their strong vocals and harmonies. At twenty one, Bernadette moved to Hermosa Beach, California and joined 'Steuben Park', a full time acoustic/electric country rock band. She was a key element in the group's vocally powered show and was featured as part of Steuben Park's three front-line vocalists. For the next several years she played the Los Angeles area with the band, mingled among the Southern California music scene, continued her singing and song writing and collaborated with other artists. She performed in numerous demos as the primary vocalist, laid down background vocals and supporting harmonies and appeared in music videos. As Bernadette continued writing and recording studio demos, she had the opportunity to sing with Gladys Knight and perform in several LA Bands. In 2009, Bernadette reunited with original Steuben Park members, Joe Mulinex. As a duo, they became well known for their unique vocal styles, harmonies and warm presence. They have performed across the USA including Southern California, Arizona, Texas Nebraska, Ohio and West Virginia. Bernadette was featured with Joe's electric band, Waylon Jimi during their last tour in Norway, playing concerts in Mandal, Arendal, Kristiansand and Oslo. While there, they appeared as an acoustic duo at the annual Protestfestivalen in Kristiansand, Norway, a weeklong international event supported by the Norwegian government and noted artist Kris Kristofferson. Bernadette and Joe played at several of the Event Programs, as well as local clubs and a concert to a packed house at Pahjornet. Currently, Bernadette happily resides in Southern California with Joe and their pit bull, Deisel. She and Joe continue to perform, write and record music, focusing on down home songwriting with acoustic guitars, a limited back line of percussion and vocal textured with fluid harmonies. Recent projects include original songs, plans for a new band, a music video to honor American Veterans and being in love.