Beneath The Massacre - Fearmonger

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Canada-based tech-death specialists Beneath The Massacre have returned! After nearly eight years of slumber, the Great Beast from the North is ready to slay fretboards, shatter blastbeat records, and blow minds again on their fourth album and Century Media debut, Fearmonger. While most bands that go dormant will shed members due to natural causes, the QuÈbÈcoise in Beneath The Massacre are a close-knit group, particularly where it concerns the Bradley brothers-Christopher Bradley (guitars) and Dennis Bradley (bass)-and their lifelong friend in vocalist Elliot DesgagnÈs. First and foremost, the trio are a brotherhood. Secondly, this union has afforded the trio-drummer Patrice Hamelin left to focus on Gorguts-the understanding that when they dropped out of the picture eight years ago, they would be able to pick up immediately where Incongruous left off no questions asked.