Ayreon - Into The Electric Castle

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It was 20 years ago today, when Arjen Lucassen taught the band to play... Into the Electric Castle. For the 20th anniversary, Arjen re-mixed the audio to 21st century standards. He made it clear that it's a 'remix', not a 'remaster', saying "Remastering takes 2 hours, this remix took me 2 months!". We have enough material to create yet another Earbook set, which will fit nicely next to the ones of The Source and Ayreon Universe. In addition to an expansive photo book with new liner notes, the Earbook has 5 discs. Disc 1 and 2 have the 20th Anniversary remixed audio, disc 3 and 4 have instrumental (or karaoke...) versions of the remixed audio, and disc 5 (DVD) has the entire album in glorious, over-the-top-with-spacey-soundeffects 5.1 surround audio and bonus video material.