Attic - In The Red

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'We are proud of each and every song on the album, and the pacing of it all from top to bottom.... It's an indication of the value we place on group effort, the true meaning of a band... we wanted each track to use one another in order to paint a bigger picture, and I believe we achieved that,' says The Attic guitarist, Jordan Goldson, regarding The Attic's debut recorded release entitled 'In the Red.' Vocal harmony, raw guitar and percussive backbone pay tribute to songs such as the opening track 'Wearing Thin,' and funk laden 'Barking the Dog.' 'In the Red' is planned to release the summer of 2007. The Attic, a four piece born and raised in the suburbs of the biggest little state in the country, Rhode Island, hatched in January of 2005. With hallowed venues such as The Stone Pony, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel and Manhattan's Knitting Factory already under their belt, the band's progression towards it's raw and fearless live approach has taken shape with the integration of new found ambition and maturity gained through the recording process. The Attic [Joel Kovaks- drums, Tom Pellegrino- guitar/vocals, Phil Johnson- bass/vocals, Jordan Goldson- guitar/vocals] are best described as an improvisational rock band with unique talent. The music is original in it's delivery. The Attic's sound, while nothing short of positive, has a sole and undeniable sinister which lays contrast to a generalized happy go lucky sound of the jam band scene. With their debut album ready for release, The Attic will be supporting 'In the Red' with performances along the east coast.