Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon

By Gimme Radio


Rated No 21 in Decibel Magazines Top 40 of 2017.

Release Date: 4/21/2017

If this is what an artificial brain sounds like, then I want to know where can I trade my boring old real brain in for one of these! People would probably think I’m weird, but what the heck, maybe I’d finally be smart enough to freaking understand, like, Bitcoin and shit – and at the very least, I’d shred. Seriously, even in a year chock full of stellar death metal releases, Artificial Brain’s sophomore album Infrared Horizon stands out, for being so relentlessly spaced out, dissonant, and demented. Blackened, technical death metal is what the ‘Brain brings, off-kilter, over the top and oh so cosmically atmospheric. Churning and burning with frenzied chops and weird moments of melody, this is like Gorguts in sppaaaaaaaacce, and as we all know, space is the place.  - Allan Horrox

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