Angel Of Damnation - Heathen Witchcraft

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Vinyl LP pressing. Angel of Damnation specialize in witching classic-style doom. Perhaps not surprisingly, it all comes courtesy of a quartet of underground diehards, including Front Beast mainman Avenger on guitar, the rhythm section of Cross Vault (drummer Skullsplitter and Avenger also play in longtime cult faves Nocturnal), and prolific vocalist Gerrit Mutz (Sacred Steel, Battleroar, Dawn of Winter) under the ever-apt handle Doomcult Messiah. Together, they created the cult debut Carnal Philosophy, released in 2011. Those who had the opportunity to hear it thrilled to the aeons-old metal magick across it's concise-yet-expansive 37 minutes. But now, with Heathen Witchcraft, Angel of Damnation have perfected their style in a most haunting manner.