All Out War - Dying Gods

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Since 1991 All Out War has assaulted the masses with their punishing metallic hardcore aggression, and through a multitude of recordings including a pile of singles and EPs, their 1997 debut LP, and four subsequent LPs. Their arsenal of recorded misanthropy and waves of worldwide touring led the band to become a respected staple act for metal and hardcore fans worldwide. In 2013, after several years off the grid, All Out War came crushing back with the reunited For Those Who Were Crucified-era lineup and laid waste at both This Is Hardcore Fest and 2014's A389 Records Bash. The momentum has been growing ever since. Now nearing the band's two-and-a-half-decade mark, All Out War proves that age has only refined their killing capabilities on Dying Gods, a brand-new release about to be unleashed upon humanity.