Ad Infinitum - Chapter I: Monarchy

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Before the night is through, AD Infinitum presents your favorite worst nightmare with their smashing debut Chapter I: Monarchy. The unpolished and equally magnificent diamond grabs the demon by the horns: Energetic, straight forward, uncompromising Symphonic Metal along with a rousing journey through the history. Escaping the Black Death and being transported to another era - "Marching on Versailles" breaks the chains with smashing drums and forceful guitar riffs. Melissa Bonny's multi-facetted voice fills every fiber of the hymn "Demons" - from powerful, fragile heights to deep growls and will send ecstatic shivers down your spine. The energetic and equally melodic soundscapes of the vigorous ballade "Fire and Ice" offers the heart-rending facet of AD Infinitum. Where others still lose themselves in colorful descriptions, AD Infinitum has already put a spell on the world and is heading right into the heart of epic Symphonic Metal with full force.