Vinyl Club FAQ

Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club.  It is your responsibility to understand what you are signing up for.  If you are unclear about anything or your question is not answered here, please reach out to for clarification before signing up to avoid any confusion.

How much does the vinyl club cost?  How much is shipping?  Do you ship worldwide?
The vinyl club is $25.99USD per month.  Shipping is included for customers within the United States.  We ship worldwide and anywhere outside of the United States is a flat rate of $10USD per month.

After I sign up, when will I be billed each month and when will I receive the record I am billed for?
Following the initial charge when you sign up, the bill date is the 5th of each month afterward. These charges occur automatically, you do not have to do anything. Think of your charges as pre-orders because the record you are billed for releases on the 15th of the following month.  Here is an example breakdown:

~Signed up and charged October 3rd for November record
~Charged on November 5th for December record
~November record releases on November 15th
~Charged on December 5th for January record
~December record releases on December 15th
~Charged on January 5th for February record
~January record releases on January 15th

...and so on.  This is why you will see two charges before you actually receive your first record.

When is the next record of the month announced?
The next record is announced on the 28th of the month via email to subscribers as well as on our social pages and on the product page.

The next record was announced and I am not interested in receiving it.  Can I pick a different record to receive or skip this release?
You cannot choose which record you will receive.  However, you do have the option to “skip” releases.  Skipping must be done before the bill date on the 5th of the month to avoid being charged.  If you would like to skip a release, you must log in to your store account at, then click "manage subscriptions", then "billing schedule", and on that page you can hit “skip” for the upcoming billing.

Is there a limit to how many times I can skip?

I have signed up for the Vinyl Club.  Why is it saying I don’t have an account when I try to log in to the store?  I have a Gimme Radio account.
A store account is not automatically created for you when you sign up, you must create one.  The Gimme Radio store and Gimme Radio services are not linked so you will not be able to log in to the store using your radio account.  Please create an account using the email address you used to do your shopping.  Once you have done so you will be able to log in and see your subscriptions and any past orders.


Are the records exclusive to the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club?
The variants released through the club are completely exclusive to us and cannot be bought anywhere but the Gimme Radio store.

Are the records released through the vinyl club bootlegs?  What masters are used for the pressings?
The pressings are official releases put out by labels and the label is responsible for choosing the master that is used.

Can I choose the genre(s) I will receive?
No.  Feel free to skip if you are not interested in a release we announce (instructions above).

Will my record come with a digital download code?
Some do, some don’t.  This is up to the label.

Are the records pressed on 180 gram vinyl?
Some are, some aren’t.

Can I purchase past releases that I missed out on?
Leftover copies of past releases are available here.


Can I cancel any time? How do I cancel?
You can cancel at any time but if you are looking to avoid being billed, ensure you cancel before the bill cycle on 5th of the month.  To cancel, log in to your account at, go to "manage subscriptions" then click "cancel" next to the vinyl club listing.

I need to update my shipping address, how do I do this?
There are two places you have to adjust your address, in the main part of your account at AND in your subscription settings.  If you do not update your address in your actual subscription settings, your orders will ship to your old address. To update your subscription’s shipping settings, you must go to “manage subscriptions” then click “edit” next to your subscription.  Change your shipping address there to ensure future orders are sent to the correct place.  You can also manage your billing address from within the “manage subscriptions” section. Once you have changed your shipping address, be sure to let us know so we can update the address of your outstanding orders with the distributor.

How do I update my payment method?
Log in to your account at, go to "manage subscriptions" then click "edit" next to the vinyl club listing.  On the next screen you will see "update payment information" in red.  Click that and proceed from there.


As per our refund policy, we do not offer refunds, exchanges or returns on processed subscription items.  No exceptions.

Again, please reach out to with any questions you have before signing up.  Thank you!