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These shirts will be designed by the most renowned artists in the genre: album cover designers, tattoo artists, and other metal influenced creators.

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Metal T-Shirt of the Month Club

Welcome to the Gimme Metal T-Shirt Club!  Our October release will feature the the "METAL REAPER" shirt by renowned tattoo artist, Gimme Metal DJ, and legendary van-living nomad Alex Matus.

Notice that creepy new van down the street? Don’t worry, it’ probably just Alex Matus, hunched over a drawing board and sketching wizards. Full time asphalt vagabond for 7 years, Alex works as a freelance illustrator and tattooer in between music gigs and getting lost on trail. Inspired heavily by the sonically induced visions of heavy metal, the vast open forms of the American west, and many graphic artists such as Frank Frazetta, Alphonse Mucha, Maynard Dixon, Kuniyoshi, and Rick Griffin, the work often has a feeling of an old band poster or tough tattoo. While either freezing in the cryogenic cold or sweating it out in the mummifying heat, Alex continues to roam the earth in search of new adventure, drawing and singing down the highway.

Double sided design, with the wicked Metal Reaper on the front inviting you to a join him in a life of evil and the Gimme Metal logo on the back.


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