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NYC's Gravesend arises with ill intent like a foul emanation from the aging sewage filled rot slowly winding its way beneath the city’s vast concrete walls and pavement pathways; a New York of discarded needles, noxious fumes, scavenging rats, broken bottles, and cracked minds. An aural manifesto of urban blight and disgust, 'Methods Of Human Disposal' (20 Bucks Spin) is the appropriately grotesque follow-up to their cult-revered 'Preparations For Human Disposal 2020 demo'. The LP works like a lone killer stalking the streets, internally seething with rage, preparing to cast off the last remnants of restraint. Bear witness to savage black/death metal with a hellish grindcore fixation, searing warped speeds, and the slowly swelling carnage of a derailed subway pileup, and hear what aural destruction they throw our way with their first guest DJ special.