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Global Avant-grindcore!

Relocated from Kathmandu, Nepal to NYC, Chepang have staked firm territory as a brutal musical force to be reckoned with. The quintet—featuring Mountain God and Bhotey Gore on vocals, Grandmaster Bhudey on guitar, and Trisula Da Hammer and Bijuli Da Himalayan Leopard on the dual drum attack, have pulled influences from everywhere in the spectrum and ably slicing and dicing them into their short blasts, akin to such brethren as Naked City or Discordance Axis. They've collaborated with artists from other locales worldwide, and join Gimme today on the heels of their recent (and amazing) CHATTA LP! Kshitiz Moktan (AKA Bhudey) takes us on a worldly tour of grind insanity, buckle up.