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It's not very common to hear female vocals in the black/death metal genre. This is part of the reason of what makes Succumb so very special. As a band, they are completely tight and brutal, but it's Cheri Musrasrik's voice that puts Succumb in a uniquely different league than a thousand other bands in the same category. Cheri's vocals go from hauntingly tortured to terrifyingly ferocious within seconds. The subject matter is another thing that sets Succumb apart from the horde. Rather than the usual death, satan and destruction route, Cheri sites her lyrical influences from authors and poets like Yeats, Jean Genet and Emile Zola. Highly intelligent and highly recommended. - Dean "Records of Ruin" Rispler

Released May 5, 2017

A Side:

  1. The Initiate
  2. Destroyer II
  3. Bedchambers
  4. Survival

B Side:

  1. Seedling
  2. Coal Dark Earth
  3. The Flood