Magic Circle - Departed Souls

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Label: 20 Buck Spin

‘Departed Souls’ reveals a Magic Circle delving more deeply into ‘70s sounds, expanding farther outward from the primordial Iommic matter of their birth. Heavy Sabbathian riffs abound, but Magic Circle opens up, stretches out, exposing different shades that recall the moody peaks and valleys of the classic hard rock LPs of that era. Acoustic 12-string, tablas and Fender Rhodes appear in lush moments of kaleidoscopic decadence woven into the fabric of the pounding elemental thunder. All the while vocalist Brendan Radigan seals the deal as one of the premier heavy metal singers of the 21st century, deliverin’ that Wagnerian dynamism and vigor that screams from the heavens and becomes thoroughly controlled in moments of quiet solemnity. 

Though all members are busy with other projects and other lives when these five men come together in the Magic Circle, the chemistry and palpable rock n roll exhilaration reminds us that this band ain’t never gonna die with the herd.