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By early 2006, Norway’s Green Carnation had released four studio albums and an EP in five years — including their breakout masterwork, 2001’s 'Light of Day, Day of Darkness'. Albums of such magnitude generally foretell some type of creative cliff is around the bend, but the Norwegians wisely kept updating their sound with more atmospheric and progressive rock elements on the ensuing 'A Blessing in Disguise' (2003) and 'The Quiet Offspring' (2005). This brings us to 2006’s 'The Acoustic Verses', an album — as the title suggests — of completely acoustic originals. Now 15 years removed from its release, 'The Acoustic Verses' is getting the vinyl reissue treatment from Season of Mist, including new artwork from Polish graphic artist Lukasz Jaszak, an updated tracklisting and three bonus cuts. To celebrate we welcome singer Kjetil Nordhus for a tour of some favorite artists and tracks.