Ufomammut - 8 - Vinyl

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Decibel Magazine: 9/10

By our count, 8 is in fact the ninth full-length album from these eternally-stoned and spaced-out Italian psychedelic doom lords, so maybe the title is meant as an infinity symbol turned on its side vertically, like a rocket ready for launch? That'd be a rocket stuffed with amplifiers and effects pedals, fueled by heaps of hallucinogenic drugs, that'll take you on a trip far, far out into space, way past Planet Hawkwind, as far or further than any of UFOmammut's prior cosmic voyages. Perhaps the numeric album title refers to there being eight tracks here, each of which builds upon the last in sheer mesmeric, thudding, monolith-toppling heaviness, everything swirling and gurgling with electronic, possibly radioactive FX. Along the way, 8 occasionally reveals some unexpected, ceremonial-sounding beauty buried beneath all the fuzz, as this album travels onward, outward, and upward until the aptly-titled final cut, Psyrcle, brings you right back to blast off, again. Always, always worth the trip.¬ Allan Horrox