Strife - Rush - International Version w/ Reduced Shipping

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We're offering a specially-priced version of this Gimme favorite for our international (non-US & Canada) customers, with a reduced shipping charge included in the cost.

Limited yellow w/ orange and red vinyl!

We at Gimme are very excited to finally see these seminal albums properly reissued. From the label's site: 

"This is the 1975 debut album by the British band STRIFE, a seminal influence on IRON MAIDEN and a truly superlative, underrated act. Though active throughout the '70s, they might be most properly filed into the second renaissance of hard rock/heavy metal in the late mid-to-late part of that decade. At that time, their peers such as JUDAS PRIEST, UFO, BUDGIE, and THIN LIZZY were finally flourishing with material that was more modern and aggressive than what came before. Although unfortunately failing to capture the same success as such other bands, STRIFE were more than a match in quality. In particular, their sound was as unique and forward-thinking as any of those legends. 

Metalheads and all rock fans will not be disappointed purchasing this fully band-authorized deluxe reissue produced directly from the source tapes, confident you will encounter a great and beautiful band that once ruled that holiest cradle of our genre and subculture: the UK club scene of the 1970s. "