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Welcome to the Gimme Metal T-Shirt Club!  Our February release is "The Lamb, The Scapegoat, and the Destroyer" shirt!

Gimme teams up with legendary Dylan Garrett Smith.  Dylan's design conjures up the evil and despair that plagues our current world.  A skeleton draped in the pelt of the slaughtered lamb whose life was cut short, a sacrifice for troubled times.  You know Dylan's work with such legendary hardcore and metal bands like Baroness, Mastodon, ACxDC, Celeste, Eighteen Visions, Deathwish Inc., and Sodom 

Dylan Garrett Smith is an artist/printmaker whose work is a product of his views regarding humanity’s relationships with - and the continually growing distance from - the natural world.  Combining concepts of occultism, ecology, and memento mori, Smith stresses the importance of the cycle of birth-bloom-decay and the necessity of solitude in nature.  Ashes, chalk-lead and ink on black cotton rag paper serve as the primary media to make his images, while reinforcing the natural process of life, death, and rebirth.

"The Lamb, the Scapegoat, and the Destroyer" is the perfect addition to any self-respecting metalhead's shirt wardrobe. 
A double-sided design with the Gimme Metal wordmark on the back.