Witchcvlt 71 - Blessings In Black

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Yet another "Witch" band but we can't complain when they come this 'cvlt' and HEAVY. Straight outta the lowlands of Holland, this new witch-monikered outfit's debut is low, and slow, a convincing demonstration of how devastating it can sound when a legion of veteran stoner rockers delve deeper into downtuned doom/death realms, Witchcvlt 71 rules over a drugged out domain where the grooves are thick and viscous and the guitar leads are sick and psychedelic, Blessings In Black ravaging with throaty, guttural tagteam vokills and heaving, hellacious riffage. Drop the needle on any of this album's four long tracks, such as "Skull Generation" and get an anvil dropped on your head, repeatedly. Turns out you can headbang and air guitar after being squashed flat! Limited to only 300 copies on 180 gram vinyl. - Havelock Horrox