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Second Pressing.

It shouldn't be too hard to convince folks to pick this up, assuming you like amazing fucked up death metal and/or totally awesome cover art! Tchornobog's debut is an album of vomiting godly death metal (and more) from one visionary musician, Markov Soroka (of Eternium, Aureole, etc.) with some help from members of Svartidau and Esoteric. Elements of black metal, doom, post-rock, ambient music and even jazz all factor fearsomely into the four lengthy compositions that Soroka offers up here in fulfillment of a seven-year quest. The ā€šMountain-Eye Amalgamationā€š depicted on the album cover never blinks throughout this whole sick, psychedelic journey, and by the end you may well be staring back at it with equal equanimity, having settled deeply into a disturbing psychological trance-state induced by the confusional combination of Tchornobog's slow-moving, melancholic atmospheres and ever-flowing onslaught of crushing guitar dissonance, monstrous bellows and blasting death drumming. -Ā Allan