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Welcome to the Gimme Metal T-Shirt Club!  Our November release is the "The Crusher" shirt!

You may know her as Maria Ruiz from Orange is the New Black or maybe as the singer in Alekhine’s Gun, Black Heart Sutra, and Brujeria and you definitely know her as a long standing DJ on Gimme Metal - Jessica Pimentel, a/k/a The Crusher

For over two years The Crusher has been brutalizing Gimme listeners with her special mix of death metal, black metal, thrash and whatever heaviness catches her fancy. What better way to celebrate Crushing Metal’s sonic assault than with a special limited edition “THE CRUSHER” T-shirt. 

The front was designed by renowned NYC tattoo artists Jess Mascetti and Jonah Ellis and pays homage to The Crusher’s unique blend of deep spirituality and extreme metal; the back showcases the new Gimme Metal logo. Two sided awesomeness and limited to only 200 shirts. 

Catch Crushing Metal each Wednesday at 3pm ET/12pm PT and don't forget to FOLLOW The Crusher on the Gimme Metal mobile app to get updates on all things Crushing Metal.

Double sided design, with the Gimme Metal logo on the back.