Acephalix - Decreation

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With scene contemporaries such as Succumb, Vastum, and Necrot, the Bay area is stock-piling an impressive battalion of lethal death-metal acts. Front-and-center leading the charge is San Fran's Acephalix. With riffs that soar high and knuckles that drag low, these death-rollers excavate the catchiest and foulest moments from Autopsy and Swe-death (Entombed, Grave, Nihilist), but coat the streamlined focused-fun with crust-punk filth. Excellent production makes the groove-heavy, mid-tempo battery all the more contagious.

RIYL: Bolt Thrower, Undergang, Entombed, Incantation -Bozz

Track List:

  1. Upon This Altar
  2. Suffer (Life in Fragments)
  3. Mnemonic Death
  4. God is Laughing
  5. Excremental Offerings
  6. Egoic Skin
  7. Decreation